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I am like the techspert in my house, and i just got my dad a 500GB Maxtor OneTouch4 (which he, of course, paid for).
Ok, thing is, it's awesome. It automatically backs up My Documents. But.
Yeah, there is a BUT.
Ok, my dad has some important files in C:\
Just in C:\
Not in a sub folder.
And this stupid backup manager doesn't like C:, so it doesn't show it's contents.
Anyhow, anybody got a solution for this.
They are data files for MS Access.
So what I'm thinking is, I'll make shortcut's to these files, and leave them in C:, but put the actual files onto the External. Now, what I'm wondering is, will access still be able to read the data files. And will any changes made in Access be saved to the actual copies on the External. I could just copy them over everyday. But i am too lazy, so this would be better.

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What about NTBackup? It's already in Windows.
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I developed an application for a Laboratory about 10 years ago which can backup any designated files to any specified disks and folders. The backup is automatic and the backup time interval is set by you.

If you are interested, I will try to search my old disks if the application is still there.

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