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I have a Windows 2000 Server and around 10 Nos. Windows 2000 Professional O/S Machines. I have to take daily backup of files from 10 machines to Windows 2000 Server machine. Is there any possibility to create a batch file and schedule the task at Server machine to copy daily. If it is not possible, please advise me how to do this task.


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Take a look at Iomega Automatic Backup Pro it has the ability to backup mapped network drives at a scheduled time.

Iomega Automatic Backup Pro
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if your server has an ftp server on it, you could just make a batch file that would ftp the files to the server (using the ftp command, look up online on how to use it), then have the scheduled tasks on each machine to run the batch file at the specified times.

Or just use a program like the one labrego provided.
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I have a couple questions.
1. What are you currently using for server backup? In other words are you using a tape backup drive and some sort of backup software like Veritas Backup Exec? or are you using some other means of backing up the server.
2. Will the workstation files be backed up via the same media the server uses.
3. Are the files to be backed up in the same location on each individual workstation. If so, where? If not, where?
4. Are you using Active Directory?
5. Is the network a domain?
6. If you are using active directory do all users have a "userhome" directory set up in their profile?

The answers to these questions may get you an easier solution.

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