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This is a long story but I'll try to keep it short. I have a SATA HD with XP on it's first partition and an IDE drive. I had a lot of trouble re-installing XP due to 2 dodgy floppy drives, but that's another story, anyhow I managed to install xp in the end with a new floppy drive and the ide drive disconnected as it was messing up my drive letters. Everythings fine up to this point but then I reconnected the ide drive. At this point I was then getting a choice to make during boot, win xp or setup win xp, during my attempts to install xp setup must have started on the ide drive. Ok, I booted into my new xp install on the SATA drive and had a look on the ide drive to see where xp had tried to install, no sign of anything so I disabled ' Hide protected system files ' and a load of files appeared. Thinking that these were all to do with the partial xp install I deleted them all, not knowing that some of these files may be needed. Now my system won't boot while the ide drive is connected. If I disconnect it as I have now my system boots normally from SATA drive, everything is fine but obviously I want my ide drive connected too. I could try partitioning and formating it with fdisc which would probably work but there is/was stuff on the drive I wanted.

Anyone know how I can get this drive working again without re-formating it?

Hope the above story is clear :)


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