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As of recently my pc running windows xp home edition has just decided that it doesn't like connecting to the internet. So the first thing i do is check the cables ( replugging them) then resorting my cable modem. So the light is still solid so it shows i have connectivity but my computer wont let me open IE, msn messenger or anything that connects to the internet. So i call up gci (my isp) and they say that the states on my cable modem are fine showing that its operating fine. So hearing that i pull the power cord, figuring if i cant get on the internet im not going to let my system by idle while others could get into it. Now this is where you handy sight has been a plethora of wealth, i did you guys's how to's on reinstalling XP figuring the flaw was in the operating system, then when that didn't work i followed the guid on formatting my hard drive. all of this done from my lap top which i plugged into my cable line instead of my pc. So anyways even after formatting my pc's hard drive and installing xp it STILL will not connect to the internet. any help would be GREATLY appreciated
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I read this this morning, and just now and couldn't think of anything then and still can't think of anything. I guess a couple questions answered might get us going in the right direction. Are you using a router? -- if so , specs please. Since you reformatted and reinstalled are your NIC drivers reinstalled properly, i.e. no question marks in Hardware Devices? Do you have the XP Firewall enabled? (It's enabled by default -- if so disable it. THose are the first questions that come to mind.

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