Can't change background... potential virus?

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Hi there,

My kids computer has a virus that won't allow them to change the background and there is also a "Virus Protection VP 2008" bubble that appears on the bottom right hand corner telling us that there are over 2000 viruses on our computer. Their background is locked on a blue screen. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm not computer lingo literate, so in lamens terms please...and thanks!
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Follow the directions in this thread and post a HijackThis log.
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Hi, I've got the same problem... I came across this after googling for a long time trying to find what virus I got, so I joined the forum to ask how to fix the problem.

I found and deleted all the files this thing made in the system folders, including the file for the fake background. But after a few restarts an error message pops up after I type my login password claiming I need to activate Windows. I deleted all of the files and .exe's the virus made but it's still working, and I've got guest login disabled on my computer, so I can't get in to use your HijackThis thing or run any scans....any suggestions?

As it sits it's unplugged from the wall and the internet is also unhooked. I unplugged both the second my background changed.... All I can think to do is take the hard drive out and hook it up to my other (expendable) computer and run scans from there, but I need my work and schoolwork back from my computer.

If this isn't the place to ask this, I'm sorry, I just need my things back so I'm posting everywhere... Any help is appreciated...thanks

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