Can't Connect To The Internet When On My Network

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I recently bought a wireless router. It is the Linksys Wireless-G router.

Its acutally meant for broadband, but at the moment I haven't got broadband, so I'm using my dial up conncection. The dial up conncection is connected to my desktop computer.

I also got a laptop, with a wireless card. So I connect to my desktop computer, from my laptop, using my wireless card. I connected, and I can see the desktop computer's shared files. So I make a connection (i think the type connectio is called an "Internet Gateway" connection) so that I can connect to the internet from my laptop. This new connection allows me to disconnect and connect the dial up connection from my laptop. But when I connect to the internet, Internet Explorer dosen't recognise it, and asks me to dial a connection, or go to workoffline.

I connected to the internet, but I can't surf.

Can someone help me please?

Is it something to do with the proxy? How do I find out the proxy of the desktop computer?

Thanks very much.
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Moving this to Windows Forum.

Also it will probably be helpful to know what OS is on the Desktop and laptop.

Also should we assume that all the wireless cards including the router are 802.11 G?
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it sounds like the internet properties on ur laptop need to be changed from "Dial my default connection" to "Never Dial my default connection" or you could set it to "Dail my default when LAN is not available" the last option will ask you if you want to work offline then once you click yes and browse to another page it will ask you if you want to connect. If you don't use dialup at all on the laptop then choose the "Never dial my default connection". Another thing to look at is give the PC a static IP address and tell the router the default gateway is the PC address, that way it will send all requests to the PC and not the WAN port of the router ;) hope this helps you out :D
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Yup. DHCP will give you some trouble. The LinkSys router you have can be configured to disable DHCP. Go do that now.


Ok, great.

Set the network card in your desktop to, Set your lapto pto,, default gateway is Configure Internet Connection Sharing on your desktop and you're off to the races.

Does anyone know if ICS supports DHCP?

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