can't get past middle of xp (pro) setup "installing dev

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Hi- I am stuck in the middle of RE loading win xp pro OVER top of itself since my computer was running so poorly i figured corrupt system files or something... i used to do that with win 98 se and never had any problems. however... it will not finish the setup as when it gets ito installing devices stage it starts asking if i want to install NON xp supported devices software... so i always so NO.. figuring i'll just do it after this setup finishes... problem telling it Not to install the video card drivers or even to go ahead and INSTALL them.. but when it gets to the keyboard and wants the ITOUCH driver ? or system file? and i HAVE the XP driver for it even on my hard drive. (c) it doesn't matter if i say NO don't install it, or ... ok, and browse to the folder with the NEW XP itouch driver. at that point i get the blue screen saying they are shutting down for my sake. and my computers... UGH! I have asked everyone i know.. and no luck. I'm thinking now i would just go ahead and reformat the c drive (but it's ntfs) with a win 98 se setup disk.. but.. i know that the ntfs is going to be a problem.. i cannot get past the middle of the "setup" (installing devices) for the life of me. do you know how ? safe mode won't work, setup says it cannot "resume" in safe mode so it goes right back to setup.... How would I reformat the drive (ntfs) using a 98 setup disk? is it possible? Fdisk comes into play I'm thinking? I have another hard drive in there, it is just for storage, but could i remove the (current) c drive and put IT in it's place? i'm not sure what happens if its just being used for storage (with no os on it?), I don't know enough about computers except this is one i built and sure don't want to mess it up so much it may be useless.. i've got too many of those in my garage.. any help or suggestions perhaps someone has had similar problems and found a workaround. I sure would appreciate it. Thanks!!
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i think i knida know what u mean, i have had problems like that before, i had windows Me. it was running *crap* i got hold of windows xp (*cough kazaa cough* and began the install, but it kept all the old data from wondows Me (games files etc). i tried to format the drive and install windows fresh. but i could not because it had converted the drive into ntfs., so half of my drive was xp, and half had a load of windows Me, on a dif partittion.. so this is the part u need to hear if it is what i think is ur prob, i had to use a boot disc (1 i downloaded) and used fdisk to delete the partitions and re-install Me on it, then install xp as an upgrade, this meant the hard drive was pretty much brand new and xp was installed clean, and no problems with drivers.

i think that is ur problem, hope it helps, if u need any more advice, email me

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