Cannot connec to Internet through a Lan with Win95

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I am trying to reconnect computer to the Internet Via a network (Lan) In the past it connected successfully using Win 98. Now it has an OS of Win 95 - the adapter is the same as before. But cannot connect it.
I have access to another computer on the network running on Windows XP. So I have the addresses of the Default Gateway, DNS Server and Submask (I assume they will be the same for all computers on the network).
Win Win 95 Device manager tells me the Adapter driver is properly installed - no conflicts. Also all cables are correct.

Bottom line: Can anyone give me step by step instructions for this installation?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

difficult to diagnose without being infront of the machine.

Try latest nic drivers from the web.

Check your patching

Swap cables

give it a static ip

plug it into a network point you know is working...
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You will be glad to hear that I eventually solved this problem, and like many solutions, I am not exactly sure how. I took all the advice given, reinstalled Internet Explorer and tried varying the Network connection settings. I also used different versions of the driver for this network adaptor (for Win95) - I downloaded a number from the Web - and eventually one of them clicked in, but cant remember which.

The following might be useful for someone with the same problem (an unlikely eventuality)

These were the settings when I ran winipcfg.exe (Win95 equivalent for 'ipconfig.exe')

Host Name = Default
DNS Server = 192.111.39. X (number taken from my other Computer on the Network - which is working)
Node Type: Hybrid
Netbios Resolution Uses DNS - enabled


Realtek 8139 - Series PCI NIC
Adapter Address 00-50-FC-F9-F6-1A
IP Address 192.168.1.X
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway 192.168.1.X (taken from other Computer on Network)
DHCP Server 192.168.1.X (same as Default Gateway).


When I open NETWORK CONNECTION PROPERTIES I came up with following settings:

Driver Type = Enhanced Mode
Advanced = Early Tx Threshold - 38

Obtain I.P. Address automatically
Gateway - taken from other computer (192.168.1.X)
Enable DNS (selected)
DNS 192.111.39. X taken from other Computer)
Host Name: Default.
Use DHCP for Windows Resolution - enabled

Adapter: Realtek 8139 - Series PCI NIC
Adapter Address 19-2-16-08-01-20
Host Name: default
DNS Servers (taken from the other computer on network (which is working)
IP Address: Set to Seek Automatically
Default Gateway: taken from other (working) computer on the network.
DHCP Server: same address as for Gateway

Thanks again for your support - it kept me at it

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