Changing default settings in XP

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I want to change my default text viewer/editor from Notepad to Wordpad. How do I do this in XP?


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I believe the simplest method would be to right-click on any text file, Select Open With>Choose program, Click browse if wordpad isn't already on the list, navigate to WordPad ( I think it's Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe), select wordpad.exe and click open, check 'always use the selected program to open this type of file', Click Okay.
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another way you could do this is

1.In the Folder Options screen that appears, turn ON "show hidden files and folders".
Then turn OFF "hide protected operating system files". You may need to scroll down
the list of options to see these two options. Windows will then ask you if you really
want to turn off the option to hide protected files. Click on Yes. You can leave all
other options as they are. Press OK to close the screen after changing options as needed.

2.Make a copy of notepad its found in C:/WINDOWS/ folder
make a copy of notpad and put it in a safe place. for if you ever want to restore it later.

3.Now you have to find word pad in windows XP its in c:/Program files/windows NT/Accessories
Right-click on WordPad.exe and pick Copy from the context menu. then Right-Click on the empty
space in the right pane in Windows Explorer, and pick Paste from the context menu. You will then
see a new file appear with the name "Copy of WordPad.exe".Right-click on the new file "Copy of
WordPad.exe" and pick Rename from the context menu.Type in Notepad.exe on the keyboard and press
the Enter key to rename "Copy of WordPad.exe" into "Notepad.exe".
Right-click on the copy of WordPad.exe that we have renamed to Notepad.exe, and pick Cut from
the context menu. After you do that, the Notepad.exe icon will look ghostly compared to the other
icons. Use the folders pane in Windows Explorer to navigate to the C:\Windows\System32\dllcache
folder. Then right-click in the empty space of the right hand pane listing all the files in the
dllcache folder. In the context menu, select Paste. Windows will now ask if you are sure you
want to replace Notepad. Click Yes. Right-click on the new Notepad.exe that you just pasted
into the dllcache folder (and now shows with a green EditPad icon), and select Copy from the
context menu.Navigate to the C:\Windows folder. Right-click in the empty space of the right
hand pane and select Paste from the context menu. Windows will again ask you to confirm.
Just click Yes. Windows will now detect that you have just replaced one of it's "vital
system files" (he he). It will then notice that the copy in the dllcache folder has also
been tampered with! So Windows will ask you to insert your original Windows CD into your
computer, so it can restore plain old Notepad. Do not insert the CD. Just click Cancel.
Windows will insist, but click Cancel again and Windows will stop complaining.

Windows XP has a feature that protects vital system files from being modified. Notepad is considered
a vital system file. Therefore, we must first overwrite the hidden backup copy of Notepad with our
new Wrodpad in disguise. The hidden backup copies of the vital system files are kept in a secret
DllCache folder. (If you wondered why a naked Windows XP installation takes so much disk space,
that's because almost everything is installed twice. One copy that you'll actually use, and one
copy for backup.) :D

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