Changing drive letter

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I keep two partictions on my machine for save storage of files (Just in case windows dies on my).

I tried to install linux on my main machine(I've done it before but I had a bad image, forgot to md5 check sum it), the installation failed and when I went back to boot to windows my comptuer said it could not find an OS. So I downloaded a new image from my latop and reinstalled linux, pulled some files off of my windows installation and moved them over to my two other partions, a download and a development server partition. When I reinstalled windows my main drive was lettered L. This isnt a huge problem however it would be nice to have it back to normal as 'C'.

I know I can change drive letters through the disk managment, but I dont think it would be a great idea to do it while windows is running, and it probably wont let you anyways.

Do you think its possable through save mode? Or is there a way to edit the registrys(I think it would be stored there) through a linux boot cd?
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I would leave it alone but I think it's ok to change it in disk management while windows is running. If you change it in the registry, windows will be running just the same.
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If you're changing the letter of the partition containing Windows, you might not see it take effect until you reboot.

Also, watch out for any older programs that have your old drive letter saved in the registry, etc., since some applications don't make use of system variables like they should. It wouldn't hurt to search your registry for any occurances of "L:" after you've switched it back to C.

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