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I have an interesting computer issue that I'd like some advice.

About 2 months ago I built a computer (stats below) and everything worked great until now.

To begin with I came home one night and it wouldn't go past the start up (pre OS) after rebooting several times it wouldn't even acknowledge that far (powered on but no display). After doing some Isolation I replaced the MotherBoard and it was fine...or so I thought.

It had a strange issue where it would detect the SATA HDD as IDE (i'd get a prompt saying we detected your SATA device running as IDE would you like this corrected). IF i said yes then the DVD Player would not be displayed (it was IDE) but if i didn't it would crash the computer after a while. To resolve this I purchased a SATA DVD Player, okay I still get the prompt saying that its set to IDE and this comes back everytime I reset the BiOS until i say yes or dont ask again. (I would have thought the bios would be able to auto detect this).

SO...after doing that I was still getting some crashes on my OS so I reformated the HDD.

Now, everything works good except it seems when ever I play any high performance games (ie Crysis) the computer crahses after a few minutes sometimes to the desktop others a full reboot). Accassionally IE seems to crash too.

Any Ideas? I was thinking it could be the PSU but I unplugged all my fans to test that (except cpu/gpu fans) but its still doing it...I've already tested the graphics card it still crashes and the motherboard was just replaced...but it should be noted that I NEVER got this IDE/SATA issue before changing out the motherboard.

OS: Windows XP
PSU: Cool Master 500watt
MB: Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5
RAM: 4Gig (1 Gig sticks) OCZ
GCard: Radeon HD 3800 Series
Fans: 3 Standard 1 large
CPU: ADM Quad Core Phenom
HDD: 500 Gig Western Digital SATA

Once again any assistance would be grand...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

If your new mother board wasn't the same model as the old one, did you check to see what memory was compatible? ... uctID=2694

The specs are on that site and you can also click on memory support list for a .pdf file with a list.

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