Computer restarts itself

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Hey all,
This will be my first time posting here, but after reading the saga of Jeannepo(sp?) and seeing how helpful everyone was I thought I'd give it a try...
A little background info on comp:
AMD 1.4 ghz
512 ram
ABIT KG-7 motherboard
Windows 98 SE
Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 soundcard(fresh drivers as of today)
Nvidia Ge-Force 2 MX 400 64mb video card
Sygate Personal Firewall(only had for 2 days now, seems to work well)
AVG antivirus
Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, Webroot Spy Sweeper

This may come out sounding a bit incoherent, so please bear with me :)
First off, I've had troubles with Windows Media Player glitching while playing music. When it does, an audible, very brief "glitching sound" will be heard, and then no sound plays whatsoever from Media Player. The timer for the particular song will continue to count, and then stop at the end of the song and not switch to the next song in the playlist. When I CTRL + ALT + DEL it does not say "Windows Media Player(Not responding) but if I close it either through the end task function or simply clicking the close "x" in the media player window, a check of Ctrl+alt+del will show that wmplayer.exe is not responding(whereas that program doesn't show up at all on the initial check). Similarly, if I close windows media player, or minimize it and click start-shutdown-restart, it will say "Windows Media Player" or "wmplayer.exe" or be completely blank in the title of the window-- is not responding, with the option to wait, end task, or cancel. I can end task, but my comp will still not restart itself, I must either press the restart button on the front of my case or ctrl+alt+del twice. This is a problem I've had with WMP for a long time and I've learned to deal with it, as it is only annoying. I felt that I should explain this issue so that any who respond might know of it and its possible relevance to my actual dillemma. Which is:

Whenever I have some sort of internet activity going and sounds playing, my computer will lock up and restart itself momentarily. To give an example of the types of programs I mean,:
!. downloading from MIRC(movies), WinMX(music), (or any other download) AND playing either music or a movie on Windows Media Player, Winamp, or DivX player.
This is bothersome because of the huge size of a downloaded movie, so even if I have 99% of the file, if it locks up and reboots, I lose all of the file.
2. Playing EverQuest(an online multiplayer game)
I assume it locks up because it meets both parameters(sound playing and internet activity) Giving the time investment required for the game, dying because of restarts can be very upsetting.

I've had this computer for about 3 years now, and never before have I had this type of problem. I upgraded my hardrive to an 80gig seagate about 6 months ago, and added a Linksys NIC card 2 months ago to allow myself to get DSL through the only provider in this area. The NIC came used, with a rather confusing driver disk, so much so that I accidentally found the right driver and got it working.(thinking of this now, I will try to locate a newer driver for the card to see if this resolves it.

I've read and re-read various "computer restarts itself" threads and did what some of those suggested(thats why I got Sygate Personal Firewall, and used Registry Mechanic to fix errors there) but still I'm plagued with this restart problem, and none of what I've read coincides with my problem. As an added note, I have Hijackthis and can post a log if necessary. Being recently plagued with malware revolving around IE, I stopped using it and now use Mozilla Firefox. Since that time, Ad-Aware came up with a set of definitions that removed the IE malware.

So thats that folks. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer, I'm all outta resources :(
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I think there is a virus on your computer and I suggest you getting an antivirus software.
anyway for the removal check this out: ... adcon.html
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Hmm... I use AVG antivirus, updates are current, none found. I also have all of the critical updates from Microsoft(the link said it'd been available since 2000) so I don't think thats the case. Oh, i forgot to mention, the lockup/restart happens randomly(following the internet activity/sound playing parameters I stated in first message, of course) Thanks again for any help anyone can offer!

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