Configuring php for Apache in Winxp Pro

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Hi all. If this were a hardware problem, I would know what information you guys would need, but this is my first attempt to configure a webserver. Heck, I'm not even sure I have it configured properly. All I know is when I type http://localhost, I get sent to the directory my webfiles are in, which is the directory I want to be in... it just doesn't display my index.php - which is ok, as php isn't working!

Anyways, I am running Apache 1.3.28. When it starts, I don't get any errors. I did my best to install php, but it isn't ouputting html like it should; I open a php file on my hd in a browser, and it just shows the source. So, my question is, before we start, what information should I post so you can help me troubleshoot?

I apologize for being such a newbie :(
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Post 3+ Months Ago

If just getting a running system is your top priority, and how it's all configured isn't, and you just wanna get on developing sites, you might wanna have a look into FoxServ.

They have a preconfigured Apache/PHP/MySQL setup all good to go from a single setup file.

I've setup Apache, etc. a hundred times on Linux boxes, but I wouldn't even bother to learn the differences in setup on a Windows machine, I just used FoxServ. I didn't care how it worked on Windows, as long as it did work :)

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