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Every one, this is my problem, I have a sonicwall firewall which is my gateway
And a server 2008 install on a workstation
DHCP is install on this server 2008, DCPROMO is no install on the server so it is just on a workgroup
Now during the DCHP setup it ask for Router, DNS and Domain to be configure
003-I input my sonicwall firewall as my router (gateway)
006-And for DNS I use the DN Sof my ISP
0015-Now concerning the domain what can I put there?
It is asking for a domain xxxxx.com
There also I have put the server name, I feel that this is not correct
But I don’t want to install DCPROMO on the server.
The problem I am facing is that, some clients are unable to get IP address
And internet connection is very slow and the internet connection keep coming and going after every 15 minutes.
This setup is only for internet access
Can someone advise me?
Thank you
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o.k well i have never done that setup but i am sure you have setup a server before so

Router="*.*.*.*" - Your IP

I assume the domain is not the local one so put the domain the DNS is going to use and the DNS i assume is a service like NO-IP which provide the information to use.

I assume ports are open and networking services running.

Manual IP set over network.

mite see if i can find a checklist for ya from my UNI files, sure i had a reference to this somewhere.
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You should be able to just put the workgroup name in there, it doesn't matter since you are not on a domain.

For performance issues take a look at this:

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Thank you all for your help,
I have manage to get it working.
I promoted the workstation to domain
then install and configure local dns
and also dhcp. and if i do nslookup on the client machine, it points to the local dns server.
this seems to work because now the internet is faster and stable.
I was thinking that some of my access point antennas was not working
but i have come to understand that a wrong configurations of servers can lead to a poor network speed.
Thanks again for all your help

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