Disappearing Folder in Outlook Express 6.0

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I found a previous thread on this topic here, but haven't managed to completely solve the problem.

My inbox disappeared after I "compacted" it in Outlook Express 6.0. After poking around, I believe I have found the .dbx file, which is called Pop3uidl and is stored with all if my other mail folders on the hard drive. However, when I open up Outlook Express it is not there. I have tried to import it (doesn't work and says the file is in use) and import it into a different identity (imports the current inbox, but not the folder I need).

Any suggestions on how to make Outlook Express (or any other program) read the file. I can read it in Word, but all of the formatting characters make it essentially useless.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Actually Pop3uidl.dbx is not the Inbox folder. Outlook keeps there a reference that tells it if an e-mail has been downloaded. It's used when you chose to keep your e-mail on your e-mail server after download..
When you check your e-mail, it checks each one and if it is already registered in Pop3uidl.dbx it is ignored; otherwise, it is downloaded.

The name of the Inbox folder file is, surprise surprise, Inbox.dbx. If it's not there, it has probably been erased. You might have used a recovery program, but it's been so long since your post, the freed sectors on the hard disk have been probably been overwritten.

Why did the file disappear? No idea. In fact, I have that problem myself, though not with the system files. Some of my users are calling me because user-created folders are missing. I haven't found a pattern yet.

That's about it. Good luck!
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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