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Does nayone know how to execute a for loop command in DOS?

Is there any way to make it act as if it was that of a while loop...

for example

while(true) //runs an infinite loop

can you do that with MSDOS?
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You use For In Do

You can use the For command to repeat a single command, executing it once for each member of a list or group of files. Unlike most other batch commands, For can be very useful both from the command line as well as in a batch file.

When used in a batch file the syntax is as follows

FOR %%variable IN (set) DO command parameters

When used on the DOS command line the syntax is as follows

FOR %variable IN (set) DO command paramaters

Excerpt from Special Edition Using MS-DOS 6.22 3rd edition -- Jim Cooper.
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@REM initialize test value to be "true"
@SET intCounter=1


@REM test condition
@IF %intCounter% GTR 10 (GOTO wend)

@REM procedure where condition is "true"
@echo %intCounter%

@REM set new test value
@SET /a intCounter=intCounter+1

@REM loop
@GOTO while



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