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Hi i have an annoying problem when i try to get mail from excite and hotmail..
I was at excite sending a zip file, music mp3, just over 2KB, it seemed to freeze, i then decided to click 'stop loading'did'nt do me no good it carried on loading, but did'nt complete the transfer to their server..i logged out to stop it lolol
Now i keep getting this error when i try to get my mail from excite and hotmail:
'runtime error do you wish to 'debug'...?line 406 error 'null'is 'null' not an object, if i click no i can get the mail, send and get mail thats deleivered to me.
If i click yes, i can get mail, the error seems to be when i click a message, click yes to debug this comes up:
Code: [ Select ]

if (document.all)
          document.body.onkeypress = aKeyPress;
        if (document.layers) {
            //window.onKeyPress = lKeyPress;
  1. self.focus();
  2. if (document.all)
  3.           document.body.onkeypress = aKeyPress;
  4.         if (document.layers) {
  5.             //window.captureEvents(Event.KEYPRESS);
  6.             //window.onKeyPress = lKeyPress;
  7.         }
  8.         </script></td>
  9.             </tr>
  10.           </table>
  11.         </td>
  12.       </tr>
  13.     </table></body>
  14. </html>

I don't have a clue what to do with this must be an error with ie as it says i.e.exe, i followed everything excite said in an e-mail, like clear cookies, delete temp files, still its wrong any help if possible would be good, web sites are fine its just e-mail.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Nah this is a problem with their page and its script, the purpose of the error message is to inform you that there is an error in their javascript. Alternately it could be an issue with IE's interpretation of the Javascript such as bugs in IE itself but as it doesn't appear to be an important error as it all still works you can disable the script notifications of errors, by going to:
Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Display a notification about every script error.
I get similar messages alot and unless you want to debug the script and look for errors in it to send to the SysAdmin there isn't much use clicking Yes to debug the script.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Well thankyou Alkatr0z,
As a result of your post i did'nt do the 'display notification' instead i tried 'disable script debugging', this has sorted out my problem...
I can't thank you enough, it was so annoying me..
You helped by your message, thanks.

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