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Post 3+ Months Ago

this program is the single most useful and powerful program i have ever used in the area of computer repair and restoration, it actually boots windows from a cd...

heres is some of what it can do

ERD Commander 2003 repairs dead Windows
NT4/2000/XP/Server 2003 systems
ERD Commander 2003 can recover deleted files,
change administrator passwords, edit
the dead system’s registry, enable or
disable services and drivers, and
much, much more. It includes tools
that make it easy to move data or
entire volumes off the system over the
network, view detailed information on
the system’s OS and services packs,
and compare files, services, and drivers
with a functioning system. ERD
Commander 2003 even makes the
powerful Windows XP System Restore
feature available to dead systems so
you can roll them back to a previous
working state. With ERD Commander
2003, you can repair systems that
would otherwise be unrecoverable.
And by repairing dead systems –
rather than reinstalling – you’ll avoid
hours of repetitive work and lost productivity.
With ERD Commander 2003,
you can repair DEAD SYSTEMS
using the following tools:
Locksmith: Change Administrator
or other passwords
RegEdit: Import and export
registry files
Disk Commander: Repair damaged
partition tables and retrieve data
from corrupted or deleted volumes
(only in Administrator’s Pak)
Service and Driver Manager: Enable
or disable services and
FileRestore: Quickly find and
recover deleted files
File Explorer: Copy and move files
Disk Management: Partition disks
and create or format volumes
System Compare: Compare the
files/services/drivers of an
unbootable system and a
functioning system
System Restore: Rollback Windows
XP systems to a working state
Console: Run batch files or CHKDSK
from a command prompt
Notepad: Edit/create text-based
files such as INI files
File Sharing: Copy files to or from
a dead system via the network
Search: Quickly locate files
and folders

sorry about the bad paste job... with my business "Borrow -A- Geek!" i am in peoples home constantly that have unbootable machines and locked out machines and this has already been my most valuable tool i have in my collection.
check out thier website for screen shots and more info... (sorry if this sounded like a cheap infomercial lol)

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