error loading operating system

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today I started my laptop to see this message:

error loading operating system

I tried using my XP CD to just format everything and install a fresh
copy of windows. But its not working. Formating the drive cannot finish
because the harddrive is damaged it says. After I did a google search I
realised that maybe the harddrive is damaged or maybe there are just
some files missing? How can I be sure? And if the harddrive is realy damaged,
what does that mean? I have to buy a new harddrive? I don't care about
my documents I dont have any thing importent in there, I just want my
laptop to work again. (I don't need any recovery tools for files)

PS. I'm not sure this is posted in the right forum

thank you
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Try and get a different cd of XP ( A new copy ) Then install it and see if that Works. If you get the same message let us know.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

It does sound like the hard drive might be bad.

Put your XP CD in again and boot from it, but instead of installing XP, choose the Recovery Console option. Once you're at the recovery console, type "chkdsk -F" without the quotes. This will check your hard drive for errors, and will try to fix whatever it can.

If it finds errors that it cannot fix, or it completes but you are still unable to load Windows, then there is a good chance that the drive is bad.

If the computer is under warranty, contact the manufacturer. Otherwise, try a local computer repair shop. A new hard drive will cost you around $100, probably less, depending on the size.

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