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This is a long shot but;

I have an exchange 2k server connecting to ntlworld using a pop3 connector to pick up mail. all the clients in AD therefore have as their primary email address. the problem is that the server seems to think that is local and not external so if you send mail to they are rejected by the server unless they exist in my local domain. I have tried adding a new virtual smtp server but it still adds (Local) in the queues.

please can someone tell me what i have done wrong? :cry:
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I don't have anything to offer as far as a solution, but maybe you may find some help here: ... xtrnl.mspx
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well i hope i undertood right but from what u mention there is nothing worng as you should have an account in the AD for every account in the exchange and u said rather than this it rejects the e-mails
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I have not been around exchange since when we went to Outlook

So these are things that i read that might be of help or not !

If you are using a POP3 client and using your Exchange 2000 server and trying to send mail, then a Relay denial can be caused due to the fact that Ex2k has relaying denied unless authenticated. Have the user set their Inet mail properties in whatever client they're using to authenticate to the mail server. In OEx it's under the second tab, buttom checkbox.

Now an error can be caused by your public IP address for your mail
server does not have a reverse lookup PTR entry. Many companies have adopted using DNS Reverse Lookup. If there is no reverse entry, then it causes them to reject your email. Try to setup a reverse entry for your mail server, since more than likely the IP block is registered in their name.

This was similar:
In the User menu go to "E Mail Addresses" Tab and highlight the external domain and Set it as Primary, you must also uncheck the box for "Automatically update E mail addresses based on recipient policy"

this was there response to similar :

but I removed all the extra receipient group I had created
and all the email addresses I had added to the users

Then I added the external domain to the default recipient policy
I ticked it
I made it primary
when I applied I said yes to apply the changes to mailboxes

Then I opened the user ( where th e pop3 email is being delivered ) and unticked the option to automatically update email addresses based on recipient policy.

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