Files Being Deleted from Recycle Bin in Win 2000

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I recently noticed that Win 2000 (or some other program I'm not aware of) is emptying my recycle bin during every shutdown/bootup cycle. I noticed it because I went to the recycle bin expecting to be able to retrieve a file I had recently deleted!

As far as I know I don't have any utilities that are designed to perform that function. I've recently installed Zone Alarm and software for an APC battery-backup system, but I couldn't find any settings in either of those programs for that function.

Is there a setting somewhere in Win2000 that I can look at? Any other suggestions? By the way, the option is unchecked that deletes files without putting them in the bin. They show up in the bin until I shut down the computer.


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uncheck th option dont move to th recycle bin whn deletin. i hpoe it will work. or else it can b some kinda virus

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