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I am on firefox and on another system with firefox 3.0.
I want to collect all the bookmarks to copy to each of my profiles...I don't mind having redundancies. It is better than replacing a folder of the same name.
How can I do this?

Eventually I will need to sync the profiles with the collection, but for the moment I just need access to all of them.
This would give me access to bookmarks saved on the other system and allow me to better organize them.
Thank you.
(I tried but there are some bookmarks I don't want to save here and I don't want to have to install the addon for each profile AND on every system's firefox installs.)
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks --> File -> Export
if you wish to combine all bookmarks do this for all of your profiles
save them all to one folder rename each so as not to over write them all(if on differnt comps save them all to a External Storage Device)
then goto
Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks --> File -> Import
and goto you folder where you saved them all and import them all one by one.then go back to
Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks --> File -> Export
and export the file with them all on it.
before importing each one to each Firefox make sure you erase all of the originals so it does not double the amount of your bookmarks

(also i recommend deleting all of you other files when you make them all one and when using an external storage device you just carry it from computer to computer.)

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