Help! Folder disappeared from outlook how to retrieve please

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Hi, could anyone help. A folder seems to have disappeared from Outlook (on a pc). I thought I'd moved it accidentally but no. It's not in the deleted items or recyle bin.

Any ideas? I'd be really grateful.


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When something like that happens to me it is because i have dragged it and accidently let go. The chances are you may have dragged it into a nearby folder.

If the folder had an email in it, go to the top and search for something that may relate to that email. You'll likely find out where the folder is kept then.
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Hello! (sorry this is my first post, 'coz my intro thread was not saved and I opt to lurk than despare).

I agreed to person above me, you must be accidentally dragged it in nearby folder. The solution I'm thinking is search the hard drive using the name of that folder as keyword. If you are using a Windows 7 OS, press the Windows key then type in the name of the folder, click "See more results" for you to have a better view of search return. Now if you are using a Windows XP OS, the searching might be a bit techie ... here is how:
On the search box, click the Advance options then select the "search of files and folders" (or similar to that, it's been a while since I last used a Windows XP).

Hope it helps. ;)


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