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I have recently tooken on this project for a friend of my families. I am installing a wireless home network. On This Network The Following Will Be Purchased
WAP54G-Linksys 802.11g WAP
(3x)SMC2802W-Wireless PCI Cards

Any More Suggestions on Theses Items or should anything be changed.Also The Person Has Asked me this (note: i am making it sound way smarter then he did :lol: ) Is there anyway to deploy a monitoring system on the other computers. He needs one similar to altiris vision but doesnt want his children to know cause if they know they will try to prevent this. so does anyone know of software that will do this. any help is really appreaciated[/php]
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Post 3+ Months Ago

WAP54G-Linksys 802.11g WAP
This is a wireless repeater device. Typically they are based on WDS (Wireless Distribution system) which means the client MAC address is preserved though repeating. The parent AP can still impose MAC address filtering if it choose to.

However, I should immediately note that MAC address filtering is extremely easy to bypass if the client is not on all the time. The MAC address is visible and unecrypted in the 802.11 MAC protocol so a simple sniffer is enough to recover it.

WEP key based security has its own flaws almost all radio vendors have implemented weak key avoidance algorithms so WEP is not that easy to break as it used to be. Still, for mother security the user should deploy WPA or WPA-PSK (with over 20 character PSK to avoid Dictionary attacks) Without WPA, WEP is still the best line of defense...

Now, one more thing to pay attention... Is the link between repeater and the parent AP may be encrypted on some repeater devices. A lot of bridge devices are leaving this unencryted because WDS is not a fully developped standard. Some bridge devices use different WEP key for the bridge than the AP function. So, use the same WEP keys and unfortunately some may allow the bridge link go unencrypted.
Still, for mother security the user should deploy WPA or WPA-PSK (with over 20 character PSK to avoid Dictionary attacks)

There you confused now.hope not

SMC2802W-Wireless PCI Cards

It's hackable for increased gain by replacing the internal Linksys card with an SMC card. (wich you have)

Ensure that the PCI Version is 2.2 onwards. This Adapter may not work properly with older PCI bus standards.

Also check if the PS Mode is made continuous in the Advance Settings of the Adapter's properties.

With older pci slots with PCI 2.2 it needs 3.3 volts, older PCI solts wont generate same voltage wich sometimes can cause even worst problems.

If your motherboard doesn't have that feature, then the best alternative is to use a USB Wireless Adapter. Just plug to your USB Slot.

Even in this you may have a glitch, Unless you have a USB Version 2, you will not able to enjoy the 54Mbps of the 11g standard.

USB Version 1.1 can handle a maximum speed of 12Mbps only. A USB Version 2 Only can handle the 54Mbps.

Also there have been reports that the card interfers with your AGP
video card slot (trying to steal resoursces ) It seems that the BIOS is trying to allocate the same Resources (memory or IRQ) for both Video Slot and PCI Wireless Adapter.

So a Tip ,if that pc previously had my ethernet card ,stick the wireless
card there ,lol

Computer monitoring :

http://servermanagement.articleinsider. ... ement.html

http://www.veilingtips.nl/autohits/popu ... gtools.htm



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