How can i find and get rid of keylog?

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I have a keylog because my facebook got hacked and so did my email, anyone know how to find and get rid of it? thanks
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I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that a keylogger coursed that, unless I had found some keylogger file.

Emails and Facebook isn't just hacked using keyloggers. One of the most common way is probably to get hacked by someone you know, or someone that knows you. Is your email password weak? If your password is like a name of you or some pet then I would assume that someone just guessed it. And after gaining access to your email its quite easy to request a new facebook password. :)

A general reccomendation to prevent bruteforce hacking is a minimum of 12 chars (using a mix of small and BIG letters and also numbers and possible a wierd char like #). Personally I would follow that reccomendation on my email. Old reccomendation of 8 char is usless and gets cracked in minutes (if hashed using a normal algoritm).

One more common way, is users having the same password on all diffrent sites. Thats a big no no. Many sites stores user passwords in a easy to decrypt manner or not encrypted at all, so lets say a hacker hacked some site where you signed up and you used the same password there as you do on your email, then all a hacker would need is the database and he would get a lot of hashed passwords and also your email that you used when signing up. Its not an issue then to bulk test emails/passwords. Usually hashes is easy to decrypt using rainbowtables (but there are exceptions).

Maybe one of your friends peeked over your shoulder? Its also a possibility. Or maybe you got redirected to a site that looked like facebook and enterd your password? The options are many.

But lets say you has a strong password, and didn't use someone elses computer to login to email and facebook (thats also a no no, never use public computers for email). Then ye assume keylogger. Personally I would format C. Its usually the best thing one can do if not understanding windows enought to manually look for malicious code.

Good luck.

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