How to make a program run in the background?

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Can anyone tell me how to make a program run in the background something like Ares, it does minimize and go down to the task bar but I dont want it to be seen over there it should only be visible when seen through task manager.
I want to use the same option for net nanny software since there are computer smart children in the house who know how to deactivate net nanny software and may use Ares for the wrong purpose.
please. Help
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If they know how to deactivate the filter, they will know how to see all the processes that are running, hidden or otherwise. From time to time, I see similar posts and I think it's the wrong approach.

You should really have your own PC. Family computers never work. That's why they call it a Personal Computer.

Besides that, you have to have better communication with them teach, them how to be streetwise so they don't get suckered on the net and make sure they follow your directions.
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you could always password protect your user account with a sophisticated password and create an account for whomever else to use with guest privileges. then uninstall ares >.<
now they can't install/uninstall programs
i BELIEVE you should be able to set a password for net nanny in order to modify any of its functions? somewhat like an admin password? because then you could password protect that too and then they can't close that, which you also disallow access to the task manager via a registry key and you could even THEN go as far as disallowing access to modifying the registry but idk if i'd go THAT far. how "computer smart" are these kids? (O_o)

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