How do I stop new email alerts on startup

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I have Windows XP which, upon startup, takes me to the 'login' screen on which I can log-in either as myself (the administrator) or as the other user of my system (this is a shared computer).

Beneath my user name there appears a message 'You have 5 new emails.'

When I hover the mouse over this message, a dialog box apears detailing that these messages belong to my hotmail account.

I presume the fact that Windows is doing this is related to the fact that I have installed MSN Messenger onto my computer.

My basic question is: how do I stop Windows from telling me this upon startup? Does the appearance of this message mean that something is lingering in my system that shouldn't be?

There is no .net passport and I am at a loss as to how to stop this.

Can anybody help me please. Also the number it gives is inaccurate and does not change, regardless of the number of emails that are actually in my hotmail inbox. Again, this suggests that the message is the result of something in my computer system that is for some reason telling Windows I still have mail when it can't possibly know that.

I have tried uninstalling MSN Messenger and reinstalling to no avail.
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Read This(click here) and post a HiJackThis log.
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There's no need for a hijackthis log on this one.

Go to this post

Follow the instructions posted by Carey Frisch in the first reply. (Carey is an MVP - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional)

Download and install TweakUI:

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP (TweakUI) ... rtoys.mspx

After installing, go to Start > Programs > PowerToys for Windows XP >
TweakUI. Expand "Logon" and uncheck "Show unread mail on Welcome screen".

Note: Unread message alerts may indicate you have unread messages not only
in Outlook Express, but Hotmail and/or MSN email accounts as well.

Overview of the Mail Notification Display on the Windows XP Welcome Screen ... -us;304148

I've always actually been a bit surprised that Microsoft never bothered to incorporate PowerToys as part of the Windows package. It's a handy tool for computer novices.
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Manual startup editing.
1. Click start > run
2. Type msconfig then ok
3. Go to startup tab then uncheck the process you want to remove to startup.
4. Click apply then ok
5. Restart your computer

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