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I am new to LAN. We are facing a network problem and wants to change the domain machine. Around 140 computers (windows OS) connected to a domain in our network. At present each machine is taking around 10 minutes for booting. Also we are not able to register the SQL Server 2000 to SQL Clients. For testing, we have created another domain and added 2 machines to that domain and tested. It is working fine. Our team came to conclusion that the OS of the domain was corrupted and decided to change to another machine. Now what are the steps to follow for creation of another domain with the same name and add all the 140 computers. The present desktops and other user configurations should not change.

Please advise the steps to be taken.

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Hi there

First be aware that there is no way someone can give you a complete A to B setup of this. Its just too complex a job to give you every detail. I'll give some tips though!:

Firsty and perhaps most importantly:Do you have Microsoft Exchange on this server? If so this complicates the whole thing a great deal. If you do have exchange then personally I would not switch to a new domain.

What domains are the new and old? I am presuming Windows 2000? If it is Windows 2000 and your clients are also either Windows 2000 or Windows XP then it is very important that you have DNS setup correctly on the DC. All client machines should have the domain controller as their primary DNS. This often causes slow logons and various other nasty issues. I may have a DNS guide somewhere if you need it.

You say all configs should stay the same? Not possible - some reconfiguration will be needed especially if you switch to a new domain!

If you do go for a new domain your obviously going to have to find some way of getting users onto the new domain? I can think of at least three ways to do this:

1) Providing the AD is functional this way is by far the easiest and most straight forward way of doing it: Dont do it!!! Instead of creating a new domain, demote the new DC back to a stand-alone server (or just rebuild it again) then add it to the current domain and promote it to a DC. This will give it the AD and all accounts. Setup DNS and transfer DNS accross if necessary, then once you are happy with the new server, demote the old server. This should gracefully transfer the 5 FSMO roles (there are various guides for seizing the roles if this does not occur correctly).

2) Export the AD then import on new server using csvde.exe (built in export/import tool). Not for the faint of heart!

3) Setup the accounts manually.

Presuming your new domain is setup correctly (as the connected machines are working ok & once you have the accounts over) then adding your machines to the new domain is a simple case of going into system properties, clicking computer name, click change then add the new domain name. At this point you should ideally have at one DNS pointing toward the new DC else they may have trouble resolving the new domain. You are probably using DHCP so it should be a simple case of reconfiguring your DHCP server to give out the new DNS server IP address. After clicking change it will prompt you for the name of an admin that has rights to add users to the new domain. The Administrator account and password is fine for this. Once done it will prompt for a reboot.

Now you mentioned you wanted to keep the desktop the same? Are you saying that users have their desktop configured how they like it and thats how you want it to stay or else you have a preconfigured desktop they all use? You may want to copy each users desktop to the default user before starting this if so. If you don't they will all get the default desktop when you do this.

Phew feel free to ask further questions :lol:


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