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Hello Sir,

I have two operating system (Win98(C:), Windows XP(D:)).
I have removed the drive letter(c:) for some reason.
I have installed using Matlab 7.0 in Windows XP Machine. When I am run Matlab 7.0 software "License checkout failed. Invalid host. License Manager Error -9" message is displayed. So I was searched the solution for this problem. They told change the host-id from volume serial number to Ethernet mac address in license.dat file.

But I don't know how to change.

my license.dat file contains something like this
# MathWorks license passcode file for use with FLEXlm.
# LicenseNo: 229500
INCREMENT MATLAB MLM 14 01-jan-0000 uncounted 5D74C2A8C1C0 \
INCREMENT SIMULINK MLM 14 01-jan-0000 uncounted 1A7B6FDC882D \
INCREMENT Aerospace_Blockset MLM 14 01-jan-0000 uncounted \
6912A84EB421 HOSTID=DISK_SERIAL_NUM=2c645145 PLATFORMS=i86_n \
INCREMENT Bioinformatics_Toolbox MLM 14 01-jan-0000 uncounted \

How to change from serial number to mac address.

Please reply.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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