Need Info on Internet Content Protection for Kids in XP

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I'm volunteering at my local Boys and Girls Club to fix their computer lab. They have 10 or so computers that are just connected wirelessly to a router. I was told by one of their staff members that the content is blocked at the router or something cause all they were able to do is go to the Boys/Girls Club website which is actually hosted on a local server in the building. So, they've lost all the passwords for all the computers so I wasn't able to try to web surf but it sounded like the computers do not have access to the net or not online at all which would be a problem with the router and not a configuration but would allow them to access the html file hosted on their local server. My first step is to format and restore all of their XP machines so I wasn't too concerned with that yet as getting the computers online won't be hard and I know what I'm doing, but after they're online is what I will be concerned and is where I don't really know what I'm doing as far as doing the "BEST" way.

What I do want to know are my options for making sure these kids can't access web content that they shouldn't be looking at either with hardware or software? I know XP doesn't offer anything in the OS itself so I assume I will need to install some 3rd party program, but maybe there's hardware out there too that works better.

1.)Which ones are good ones?
2.)What deployment method options of the program do I have such as do all the computers need the program installed, etc? (this one is big cause I don't want to have to configure the filter settings for each install also I don't want them to have to buy a license for each program install).
3.)What as far as the network could be changed to allow for a nice setup to monitor and protect web content? For instance, I could make 1 machine the "MAIN" computer that feeds internet to the other 9 computers and then setup all my web content filters on the "MAIN" machine. I just don't know.

Thanks for any info.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I would recommend K9 it's free, popular, and very good.

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