XP only recognises DVD Writer as CD/DVD ROM & won't burn

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I am troubleshooting an RM Compal CY27 Laptop with XP Pro SP3 installed as an OS. The CD Drive has been replaced with an Hitachi GSA-T40N slimline drive which I have updated the firmware to JW02 (latest available).

The issue is this, whilst Image Burn will find the drive and happily burn CD's/DVD's (thus I know it works!!!) XP will only recognize the drive as a DVD-RAM Drive and so all recording functions are absent.

On deeper analysis the Imapi service is missing from services altogether and no appropriate registry entries are present. The 'filters' issue widely reported does not apply as the registry entries reported (Upper & Lower Filters) do not exist in the first place. :?

I have downloaded and installed Imapi V2.0 (for SP3) of microsoft but the service stubbornly remains absent from the services list and so no recording tab, no drag and drop to burn or other features are available. I have also followed the ms kb articles on the subject to no avail including the auto fix app provided by ms which simply reports that the drive is not capable of burning! :hmm:

Accordingly I am at a loss on this one as to why I cannot resolve what on the face of it seems a simple issue and would welcome any pointers you might offer as to what I need to do. :roll:

Many thanks in advance.

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I ran into something similar a few years back. 3rd party burning software worked fine, but the OS built in burning wouldn't burn anything.

The user typically has to have admin rights to use the writing functions, this user was admin but something about the account was corrupt. We ended up creating a new user (with admin rights) and that account could see and use the burner.

Try creating a new user, at least that will tell you if it's a user issue or a driver issue.

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