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I'd google this, but don't have much time. How would I open a port (2302) and allow people to access my computer through my router, is DMZ host or something like that what I need to enable. Also what IP do I use for outside people?
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you need to change the listening port on your pc. this is done in the
registry. you then use your external IP that the router gets and that
new port in a form like this --

in the router, you go in and set IP forwarding. set the external ip and
port# to direct traffic to the internal network ip.
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You really don't want to use the DMZ (demilitarized zone) if you don't have to. The DMZ will basically open your firewall up and allow anything to pass. The DMZ is used for online gaming and similar stuff like that, that use multiple ports. Unflux's suggestion sounds good and will just enable the port you specified. That technique is NATing (Network Address Translation) it corelates a public address to a private address and ports can also be corelated. Enjoy :D

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