Opera: Is it faster than other browsers?

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I don't know what it is but with Opera pages have always loaded faster than other browsers I use regularly - and, although this may be due to the cache, when you go back and forward through web pages in Opera that's fast, too. What do you think about Opera? Do you think it's faster at loading pages than other browsers, do you prefer it to other browsers?
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dM here at Ozzu turned me on to Opera years ago when their first free version was released and for the most part I've been using it ever since.

Up until just recently when Opera released version 10.50 I was a little disappointed in the performance of webpages. I would Open Firefox and IE to test designs and they would render pages noticeably faster than Opera. It wasn't enough to be a headache, and the time I save by having my mail client and RSS reader streamlined into my browsing made up for it. The new version is at least comparable, if not faster than the other browsers for me though. Not to mention I still have my streamlined mail/rss.

I'm not happy with Operas "widgets" at all. They were cool at first, but when I look at what's being done with Firefox and other browsers I feel like I'm being held back with Operas widgets. I do like Operas built-in, and not to mention per-site, user.js and user.css though and use it regularly.

I like the way Operas GUI can be drag-n-drop configured. I can get rid of the buttons I never use and place the ones I use regularly in multiple locations so I can click whichever one my mouse is closer to. The progress indicator buttons are nice too.

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