My Ports Don't Need Forwarding, All Of A Sudden.

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I have a dynalink broadband modem/router through which the five computers in our home network communicate with the internet.

I had to set up port forwarding for utorrent and a couple of other things and the system has run happily for the last couple of years.

Now a friend wanted me to use netmeeting and that seemed to call for port forwarding again, because that's what someone said somewhere in all the help screens and because it couldn't contact the directory.

so I Went to do it again, looked at my router and where there used to be a long list of rules there's now only one and it looks like this:

ID 1

Now uTorrent and everything else (except netmeeting) is working fine.

I don't understand this rule real well but it looks to me like everything in the world is allowed. So that's why everything's working.

But it doesn't explain why netmeeting wasn't working.

There was a storm not too long ago and my router got a bit screwed up, lost the web, I found my username was missing a letter. I put that in and we reconnected fine.

So maybe that storm made this difference to the router?

My questions: Is this a problem? Seems to me it must be. Everything by default shouldn't be allowed.

I'm suspicious that I've been got at from outside. Are there any trojans, viruses, malwares, that can do this?

What port forwarding do I need as a default?



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