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Post 3+ Months Ago

Not sure if this is a chain letter or not but just thought I should post this in case it is real.

I want to preface this with this is what I have read so far. This has not been hugely discussed, but SANS is a pretty reliable source. Below is a summary of what is happening and what you can/should do.

A recent security report has stated that digital photo frames bought from stores such as Best Buy, Costco, Target, and Sam's (Sam's Club/Wal-Mart) could be infected with a trojan. The trojan appears to collect the standard information (i.e. login/passwords) and then send them to a source in China. If you have plugged a digital photo frame into your Windows operated computer, and it came from one of these stores, you may be infected.
I tend to believe what some of the analysts are saying, and that this recent infection could be a precursor of larger things to come. The
trojan in the photo frame, although infectious and effective, doesn't do as much as it could. Its behavior is more of a "let's see how people
respond and what we can find", instead of "let's bring systems crashing down". Just think, if you use Turbo Tax it keeps your Full Name, Address, and, Social Security number.

Perhaps it is paranoid to suggest, but be aware it is technically possible that any new device like a photo frame, a camera memory card, or whatever, could be infected. Antivirus companies should have updated their programs to detect the Trojan. Be sure to update the anti-virus software on your computer and run a full system scan. Any time you install a new piece of hardware such as this make sure you have up-to-date antivirus software, and that you scan your computer with the antivirus software on a regular basis.

Here are some news stories on the matter:

http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.c ... &type=tech
http://redding.com/news/2008/feb/16/you ... n-horse-v/
http://technologyexpert.blogspot.com/20 ... cture.html
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I read this on Slashdot about the things.
Anonymous Coward wrote:
The picture itself in not a virus, rather it becomes one when the malformed image causes some type of overflow /exploit to the program that renders that picture
, so not having something run auomatioally doesn't really matter, when you do open the picture it Runs by exploiting a flaw in the program that renders it. whether it starts automatically or not is of less relevance.

This fact isn't being made very clear in this forum or the document.
Pictures are not viruses they ar caused to become one on very specific software that render them .
EX: The same image when viewed or if even viewable on different rendering software will have no effect .

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