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Hi, first time on this forum, and I start with a question. I want to make a button in Excel in front of every row so if a press on it, that it will print out certain cells in that row. How do i do that? I use Excel 97. Thank you for your help.
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Do you know how to program VBA?
Do you know how to record macros?

In your module you should set condition on the range that should be selected...

For example:

While Range("A" & cstr(I)) <> ""
Range("A1:A" & cstr(I)).select

Now this small peice of VBA will select all the cells that contains data and stop selecting when a cell is empty

Then set this peice of code after it:

Selection.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
it should print the selected cells...

Create a button and assign to it the name of the module or sub

ps: in macros you cannot do a multiple select like select Cell C1 and A5 and G6 and print them..

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