Problem with attachments in Outlook

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I would need your opinion.... (I use a forum for that :lol: )

For a few days, and I have no idea when it started, I can't open any attachment in my outlook (XP 2002), and it seems the recipients of my emails can't either (if I send one). If I save them in a Word doc, I get a full page of strange caracters. I can open PDF though, if I transform it enough to become a pdf.

I didn't make any change that I am awre of, except deleting some anti---, but I still have my antivirus and Superantispyware, and they detect nothing.

Anyone could help? Thanks a lot
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Is it just Word documents?

Sounds like you are possibly using Word 2007 and saving it as a .docx (default) and whoever is opening it is perhaps using an older version of Word in their old format. Older versions of Word won't open Word 2007 files and display properly, they will display as you suggest they are.

This is me taking a stab in the dark at a possible reason, however i'm sure someone else here will be able to figure something else out for you.
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For what I know it is the .jpg attached docs, but sorry, I should have said I use Word 2002 also, in Win XP SP3. I tried a program (convert Doc) that converts Word docs to .pdf docs, but so far I didn't figure out how it works (I mean I don't find the converted docs in My Documents (where they are supposed to go).

Could it be a problem with SP3? I also had a problem with my sound. I had to download a driver.... here I have no idea, it SEEMS it is very recent (more than installing SP3)

Thanks if you have other ideas

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