problem with svchost.exe virus?

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so i got this weird virus or bug or whatever you classify it as. i didnt download anything, and i havent gone on any strange sites. one minute everything was fine, the next, a shield logo was on my comp and their were pop ups everywhere. but here's the thing: although it called itself pc protector(or defender, although ive gotten a pc defender virus before and cleaned it easily with macafee), it kept calling itself svchost.exe in the pop ups. so after about 30 minutes of waiting to get to the search(the virus took up HUGE cp usage), i searched the filename and deleted four files. from first glance, they immediately looked like they belonged to the virus. im pretty sure at least 3 of them did. later, however, ive looked up svchost.exe, and im not sure what i did was a good idea. the popups slowed down a lot, but then i turned it off and on again, and there is no desktop. its just the background image. i cant even do a right click. also, during the virus, the thing blocked macafee. it said it was infected with a virus(which was of course bogus) and wouldnt let me touch it. iget the feeling like i might have done something really obviously stupid.....

so is there anything obvious i did to wreck my comp?

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