Reformatted hdd with no mbr - how to get hdd to boot again

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I'm not sure what happened, but I just reformatted my hdd using an acronis disk director cd, and now my hdd won't boot from cd.

I was in a hurry and think I may have reformatted the entire hdd as
a logical partition with no mbr. (I'm not sure about this. I'm just
trying to think about what I may have done to cause this problem. I've used this program to reformat the hdd and reinstall the os numerous times before, just in the last few days, with no problems.)

Now, I can't get the bios to give me the option to boot from a cd.

I get a screen saying to hit Esc for start options, but now, pressing
escape no longer sends me to bios options to boot from cd. I get
nothing past this original startup screen.

I don't have a floppy drive and must boot from cd to reinstall OS.

Does anyone know how I can get my hdd to boot from cd again if I can't get to the bios options to allow this?

thanks in advance for any help with this matter.
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just in case this happens to someone else...

my problem turned out to be that during my reformatting I reformatted my hdd to a format other than NTFS (which I'm using). I then reformatted the entire hdd back to NTFS.

Somehow, this seemed to corrupt the MBR and my BIOS would no longer give me menu options, including the ability to boot from cd.

I took my hdd to a shop where they could boot from another hdd with mine in a doc and reformat it that way. They did so, assuring there should have been an intact MBR from the new format, but this did not help. The BIOS still could net get me to my boot options even after that.

So... be careful of reformatting your hard drive to a format other than the one you want to use, and then reformatting with the format you do want to use. This can cause problems. (The girl at the shop said she had had similar problems with reformatting with different formats.)

BTW... I couldn't get this hdd to work properly, so my ultimate solution was to buy a new hdd.
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Odd problem.

I had a laptop a few years back where the drive ceased to be bootable, but I could still boot from the optical drive and even explore/format the "dead" hard drive. I even installed Ubuntu on it once only to discover it was still unbootable when I was finished. I actually still use that drive today as a secondary storage drive in a Ubuntu based home server.
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You can try Hiren's Boot Cd, and with it you can restore your MBR. Also try to recover your files.

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