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Does anybody know of any utility that will repair the registry entrees in XP for Optical Drives? Or heard of anything just refresh it to when windows was first installed?

I have a Samsung WriteMaster that I've owned for a few years. Problem is, I used to use Daemon Tools on my machine and when I uninstalled it, it corrupted something in the registry and I can't get the burner to be recognized fully by windows. Windows can "Eject" it, but that's about it. I get an "E:\ is not accessible." "Incorrect function." error, when I try to open it where it should normally say "Please insert a disk into drive F:". The writemaster and my other optical drive were like "overlapped" on each other, when I changed the volume letter, only then did it even see the other one.

I've tried all kinds of things.
- I've tried doing a few microsoft fixes, deleting upper and lowers in the registry. That worked the first time it was corrupted, it didn't work this time.
- I've removed device from device manager, moved around drive letters, scanned for changes, uninstalled, enabled disabled, rebooted.
- I even went into the registry again and deleted some corrupt keys and stuff.
- In the past (the first time this happened), I managed to flash the firmware, mess with a couple reg keys and it worked. However now I can't, because it's so screwed up that it doesn't even recognize that the drive is the right one, so the software for flashing won't even let me flash.

It's getting a weird name too that it's not supposed to get when windows installs the drivers. There is no software drivers I know of for this thing. Only firmware, and unless daemon tools corrupted it, that should be fine.
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Try a restore point. I think that would be the easiest way.
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before doing any changes in the registry ,

create a restore point.
take the complete back up of the registry.

download the registry cleaner or other software which will fix your problem.

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