Ridicilous video memory/DirectX 6.1/Direct3D issue.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

I know this will set everyone to "what the heck are you doing woman, this is old, why would you need something old like that to work" but.. here's the thing.

There's this PC game "Shadow Man" I really love ever since I played it on the PSX back in the day. Through the years I've recurringly installed and played it on PC (the PC version, not through emulators); even last year on my old one. Now I have a have a new one and thought I'd install it, paste my saves and carry on. But.. It won't work this time.

In the attachment, I put a cap of the epic error it makes. What bugs me most is that it may be a hardware/video card issue that can't be fixed unless I got another card all over (which though should not be the problem since this new one is more powerful than my old PC's). I've tried everything possible through the game's settings, the video driver/adapter settings, DirectX thingies, everything. Still no luck.

Here comes the flood of system specs:
About the game, it wants:
Supported chipsets
Usually, but not always, if a board is based on one of the
following chipsets, it will run on it.

3dfx Interactive Voodoo Graphics
3dfx Interactive Voodoo 2
3dfx Interactive Voodoo Banshee
3dfx Interactive Voodoo 3
3D labs Permedia 2
ATI Technologies 3D Rage Pro
ATI Technologies Rage 128
Intel 1740
NVIDIA Riva 128
Matrox G100/G200
Matrox G400
Rendition Verite v2100
Rendition Verite v2200
S3 Savage 3D

Minimum CPU speeds
Pentium 166 with a 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics card or equivalent.

Minimum memory requirements
32 Megs of memory

Video card drivers must be installed
Drivers for your 3D graphics card must be installed prior to
running Shadowman. You typically do this when you first install the
card. If you haven't installed the drivers, a message to the
effect that no hardware accelerator cards or drivers were found
will appear when you start Shadowman.

DirectX 6.1 (or later) must be installed
Direct X 6.1 is installed as a normal part of the Shadowman
installation process if not present.

Drive space
In addition to the drive space required to install the game, Shadowman requests up to
60 MB of virtual memory from Windows during gameplay. Depending upon how much RAM
you have, Windows may need to increase the size of your swap
file to accommodate this request (this usually happens
automatically). If you have another drive or partition with more free space,
you could try installing Shadwoman there instead of the default location on C:
(where your swap file probably is). This will free up space on C:, allowing
your swap file to grow larger, and, hopefully, Shadowman to run.

Full Installation = 620 MB
Meduim Installation = 329 MB
Small Installation = 20 MB

Now, here's my PCs stuff (if I'm missing anything, please tell me, will check and post it)
Microsoft Windows XP Pro 2002, SP2
Intel celeron D cpu 3.33Ghz, 3.32GHz,1.18Gb RAM.

Display adapter, driver, etc:
VIA Chrome9 HC IGP 64Mb
driver ver.; 2006/09/10

Soooooo.. maybe this VIA Chrome9 HC IGP thingy has nothing to do with being distant relative to any of all those chipsets thingys back up there required for the game? Or I'm just stupid and the fix is right under my nose but i can't see it?? Maybe 64 is really not enough memory? Er.. I doubt there's a way to expand this memory like you can expand drives paging virtual memory?

*cough* I know this is crazy.. but still, it would be nice if there is a solution.
The strange thing is that on my old, much crappier PC, it worked like a charm (even if it didin't even support the minimum requirements!)

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any workaround or solution (..sadly, if ANY at all.)
direct draw error.JPG

That's the culprit.

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