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In a network where Windows 2000 Server is installed in the server, why when 3 computers, running an accounting software which is installed in the server can't run simultaneously. In the same scenario, when 1 particular PC ( PC A ) try to connect to the server, most of the time it hangs . The other two PCs, PC B & PC C doesn't have any problem . The client PCs runs under Windows 98 platform . What could be the problem ? How to solve it ??
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So you are never able to connect more than one client to the server at a time? If that is what you are saying it might be possible that the accounting software that you are running is only able to accept one connection at a time. Usually a program will fork or create threads so that it can accept numerous connections.

What I would do if I were you is see if there are any options in your accounting software on the server that would allow you to have multiple connections. You might also check documentation with that software to see if it can even handle multiple connections.
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i agree with bigwebmaster. sounds like a possible licensing issue, if I
understand the problem.

If it's the server, then my guess is the server's user licensing is the issue.
When you installed the server software, did you set it up as "per seat"
or "per server?"

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