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hey guys, I am sorry for asking this but i really want to find out what the problem is.
at school all computers are in a domain, sharing folders and accessing them is easy because of the domain and the permission set. However, in my personal network, "the one i have a home (3 computers) i decided to share folders among them so i can access any those shared folders from any computer, i do not have a domain, but the Workgroup is the same "network" is the name of my workgroup. the problem is that whenever i try to access the shared folders in computer 2 from computer 1 i cannot do it. Computer 1 asks me for user name and password every time i want to access the sahred folders of computer 2. It is not the firewall, i disabled it and even if it were, i would not get any prompts if my firewall were up. I disabled the firewall in both computers, i also have the everyone, users, administrators,etc permissions with full access in both computers.
My understanding about sharing folders is that you can share any folders i want in any computer, and i should be able to access them without knowing the password or the username of that computer as long as i have the right permissions and i am in the same workgroup, in this case the network workgroup. I ran out of ideas and I really want to be able to access those folders. I know i can use ftp small servers, or small web serves, or just remote desktop to copy the files and paste them in the other computer; however, i want to know how to do it with windows. In a domain is easy because all computers trust each other and the permissions is the only thing that can deny you access to the folders. Howeever, i thought having all the computers in the same workgroup would make those computers trust each other and i would not need the password or username for the other computers.

I don;t really know what is going on. I was in the airport the other day and i was curious about what i could find throught the wireless connection they had, i found about 6 more computers with at least one shared folder, i got music from one of them and some pictures. If it were impossible to have computers trust each other in a workgroup then how come i was able to do that at the airport?.

thank you and sorry for the big post
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Try creating the same user accounts on each of the machines with the same passwords then grant permissions to the share for those user accounts.

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