Stop users torrenting on the wireless network

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I am a student in a private house sharing with 4 other people who keep to themselves which is fine by me. We obviously share the same 20mb internet connection which is more than enough for everyone. A new japanease girl has just moved in and bang goes the bandwidth. Our nice 20mb broadband with an average 40ms ping now has a 2000+ ms ping and less than 3mb/s download speed(stats taken from test).
So as you can imagine im quite pissed off as i can now play no online games because i automatically get kicked. Watching t.v. is now impossible because buffering occurs every 5-10secs. General internet usage is insanely slow etc.
I have asked her if she is downloading and if she could stop and she always replies that she isnt :shock: (bull5hit). I know for definate that it is her because when everyone was out the connection was fine and when she returned 5mins later i was back to square one.
So even though this is quite an elaborate change in internet speed even though she is torrenting (it must be a really aggresive client) im sure that virgin are doing there best to throttle the hell out of our connection at the same time. Anyway i shall get to the point at hand.

I want to modify the settings if possible to stop torrenting on the wireless network. I have looked around and cant find any set solutions apart from blocking all ports apart from common ones including ie, msn messenger, etc but this will become to tedious as other non-harmful programs that use the ports i have blocked will then not work and i dont want this to happen. I know there is a way because my previous college stopped torrent clients from working even though it was over a wireless network on laptops they had never seen or touched that could quite happily play online games, use msn, search the internet etc.
Is this done at the router? I would imagine so ... and if so how?
because im getting to the point where i just physically want to go into her room and throw her laptop out the window and shout at her imaturley but this would not help the situation.

Please save my bandwidth and my sanity!!

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Why don't you run wireshark on the network to be sure that she is doing what you think. Then you can decide on a course of action.

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