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This is a new topic in conjunction with my last topic 'File Copy Errors Installing XP'

Sorry for repeating a question here as I know people have already asked about Internet Connection Problems in XP, but my problem is I cant read the topic as I cannot get the page to display.

My original problem stemmed from the fact that I could not Install XP because of file copy errors. Thanks to peoples replys I managed to finally get it installed (but still with file copy errors which were eventually solved after hitting retry a few hundred times).

I have done a memory test as many people suggested and I seem to have thousands of errors detected so tomorrow I will buy some more DDR Memory to see if it solves the problem. But for now I have another question.

After my clean Install of XP, I went to Install my ADSL Modem which had no problems in ME and is compatible with XP. Half way through the Install I get a message saying than a .exe file has performed an illegal operation and must end. Then it gives me this summary:

BT Broadband - Computer check Results

We have checked your computer and unfortunately it does not meet the minimum requirements for running BT Broadband.

The minimum required computer specification is:


Processor Type Pentium II

'I have Pentium IIII but it find nothing'

Processor Speed 233MHz

'Mine is 2.6Ghz but it finds 33Mhz????'

Total Memory 62MB

I have 512 MB of Memory but it finds just Mb'

Operating System Windows 98,SE,ME,2000 or XP

'I have XP installed but it finds Windows 3.1?????'

Is this most likely to be because of my memory??

I also find that some other programs I try to install fail half way through because a .cab file is corrupt. It just seems that pretty much everything I try to do ends up with some Kind of problem.

I am connected to the Internet now using my ADSL modem, but web pages are slow loading and some dont load at all. I can download things fine also.

Any ideas? Im hoping the memory is the main reason for all these problems and I guess I will find out tomorrow when I buy a new block, but Id appreciate any feedback.

Sorry for the very long post
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Mmm the only thing I can think of is motherboard.. Most of those items are things that would be responded to by the O/S. Have a look in System -> Device manager and see what it shows up in there for your CPU speed and so forth. Also have you done a scandisk of your HDD? The Cab files being corrupt sounds more like a HDD problem but could still be caused by a motherboard fault I guess. I'd rule out any HDD errors first by doing a scandisk though.

Can't really think of anything else, but I hope you haven't already bought your RAM as if it is a motherboard issue then the RAM might be fine, seeing as to communicate with the RAM the memtest programs have to go through the motherboard(unless you used a handheld RAM tester).


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