Unattended software installation

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Dear Sir,

I have created unattended windows xp using winnt.sif.

It is working fine.

But Now I want to install acrobat reader automatically install with windows os .

So I have create acrobat.cmd file

This file contains
@Echo off
IF EXIST D:\Software set CDROM=D:
IF EXIST E:\Software set CDROM=E:
IF EXIST F:\Software set CDROM=F:
IF EXIST G:\Software set CDROM=G:
IF EXIST H:\Software set CDROM=H:
IF EXIST I:\Software set CDROM=I:
IF EXIST J:\Software set CDROM=J:
IF EXIST K:\Software set CDROM=K:
IF EXIST L:\Software set CDROM=L:
IF EXIST M:\Software set CDROM=M:
IF EXIST N:\Software set CDROM=N:
IF EXIST O:\Software set CDROM=O:
IF EXIST P:\Software set CDROM=P:
IF EXIST Q:\Software set CDROM=Q:
IF EXIST R:\Software set CDROM=R:
IF EXIST S:\Software set CDROM=S:
IF EXIST T:\Software set CDROM=T:
IF EXIST U:\Software set CDROM=U:
IF EXIST V:\Software set CDROM=V:
IF EXIST W:\Software set CDROM=W:
IF EXIST X:\Software set CDROM=X:
IF EXIST Y:\Software set CDROM=Y:
IF EXIST Z:\Software set CDROM=Z:

ECHO Installing acrobat Reader 6.0....
%CDROM%\Software\AcrobatReader6\AdobeRdr60.exe -p"-s /v\"/qn\""
In Windows XP contains Software\AcrobatReader6\AdobeRdr60.exe.

How to integrate with XP CD. or How to install acrobat reader with windows os automatically.
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I can give you a website which can be useful for you its name is


check this website
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How many machines do you want to push the software out to?

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