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After i formated my computer and reinstalled everything i cannot View Source in Internet Explorer. I have the program set to Notepad but its not working. I have netscape and i can use that to view the source but thats a pain to open it up for just 1 or 2 things at the most. what can i do to fix my problem?
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not really a web-design question man. ;)

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Mozilla 1.6....

is like 100x better then both of those.
god tab windows own 8)
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Try this test:

A) Start | Run type in notepad (just like that - no .exe or anything.)

Does it run?

B) Regardless of answer -- go to Start | Programs | Accessories | Notepad.

Does it run there?

If It doesn't run on either, it may no longer exist in the correct spot which should be in %System% on WinNT, Win2K and XP nmchaines, where %System% = C:\WINNT\System32\ on Win2K and WinNT machines and C:\Windows\System32 on XP machines. Win98 machines Notepad is located in the Windows directory.

If it's not in it's correct place, run find for notepad.exe and find out where it is and if it exists. If it does exist you can copy it back to where it belongs.

If it exists in it's proper place, but does not open in Start | Run then the
Environment variables path may not be set correctly. You can see your enivironment variables but going to a command prompt and typing Set

The default "Path" environment variable for a Win2K machine for example
would be:


If C:\WINNT|system32; isn't included on a Win2K machine ... IE won't find Notepad and you won't be able to type notepad into Run and get it to come up either.

Let us know the results of the test, and when you do, include your OS. How to get the Environment variable Path set correctly will be slightly different between OS's.

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