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Does your PC has been affected by Virus? what virus? How this Virus Affect Computer Functions?? What anti-virus software did you use to remove it?
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Trojan. Just a free software I downloaded randomly online.
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I think I contracted a virus once and it was a mess. I don't remember which one and I knew I was going to get it as I downloaded something I really wanted from some site on the darkside of the net.

To rid myself of it I had to boot into another OS. At the time I was studying for my MCSE and I had a dual boot of XP and 2003 Server. The XP side had the virus so I booted into 2003 Server and was able to remove the virus by running a scan against the XP partition. It was a while ago and I think it was Norton AV I used.

Th virus itself pretty much disabled everything. It removed all the programs from the start menu, I couldn't logoff or shutdown, I couldn't run regedit, the command line or pretty much anything else. My XP build was pretty much useless. It took a good three hours to rid myself of it. The best part of it was I never formatted.

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