Vista security "Useless"

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Breeze wrote:
AMARTH6 wrote:
Laughing at microsoft's mistakes doesn't increase our knowledge about computers

Well it does, because we laugh about vista due to everyone doing it to fit in, then we want to know what the hell it was we were laughing about if it ever came up in conversation again so we wouldn't look like the world's biggest idiot. So we read article after article, read the good points of vista and the bad, then continue on laughing which makes us happier in this most dismal serious world. After that we all sit and watch back-to-back Monty Python movies and when they're over we'll laugh about Microsoft some more, this time knowing what we're laughing about.

*claps* well put.
p.s. openbsd has only had two remote holes in the default install in over 10 years. thats pretty kick ass imho >.<

AMARTH6 wrote:
I am working on my systems engineering with a 2 year degree in applied to computer science already completed so I know what i am talking about,
:/ have you ever taken an english class in any of that time?

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