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My buddy's laptop is getting hung up on "startup repair". I have absolutely no idea what to do, but told him to wait a couple of days before he spent hundreds of bucks taking it to a repair shop. I was hoping I might find some help on Ozzu.

I don't even know what all information you would need to help me out, but he has a Toshiba Satellite with and AMD Turion 64 x2 processor.

Any ideas at all would be appreciated. Thanks!
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ahh i have the satellite version i bought 10 of the buggers i liked them soo much and down to about 4 now but anyway...

Well if you have the windows cd you could use that to fix start up proceedure, otherwise your going to have to use linux to get access back to the hard drive or a bootable xp and recover your files and format the computer and start again.

If you are unable to format for whatever reason try loading windows with a boot cd and see if you can not force boot the computer. the windows cd should have the software on it.

Post up any more details if you can if this does not work, someone else mite have a better solution too so keep checking the post.

also i noticed that your on vista i suggest moving to windows 7 as vista is a failed project that was replaced by 7. Soon there is going to be win8 :P
good luck

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